Monday 16th of Oct to Sunday the 22nd of Oct


5 rounds of 1 min at each station:

Ski erg

Kettlebell Deadlift 32/24


Kcal Row

Rest 1 minute



Front Squat 5 x 5


3 x 20 split squat each side (24/16)

Superset with

20 Glute Bridge 25 / 15


Bike 5 minutes @ prescribed pace

rest 5

Bike 5 minutes @ prescribed pace

rest 5

Row 5 minutes @ prescribed pace

rest 5

Row 5 minute @ prescribed pace

rest 5


A) Power clean and jerk to a heavy 3


Double grace – time cap 12


A) AMRAP 10 minutes

5 slam ball over shoulder 50/30

10 box jumps

rest 5


10 Chest to bar

10 Target burpees



I go u go 20 min AMRAP

In pairs 20 Wall balls + 200m run

straight into 20 min amrap

In pairs 20 DB push press + 200m run



5*5 bench + 2.5-5kg


4*10 incline bench press with kettlebell (2 arms, alternating)

super set with

4*10 Dumbell bent over row 4002. 2 dumbbells, alternating. Spare arm at top of rep.

C) Tabata ring press up

Monday 9th Oct to Sunday15th Oct

This month we have not one, but two members of the month! First up is Euan Mitchell! Euan is one of our younger members however he is putting in a great shift when it comes to training. He has been attending regularly and putting in some extra work before and after WODs, working on hisContinue Reading

Monday 2nd of Oct to Sunday 8th of Oct

Monday In pairs 20-18-16-14-12-10 – 8 Dumbbell Thrusters 22.5 / 15kg 20 – 18 – 16 – 14 – 12 – 10 – 8 Burpees Other partner holds 63+ rpm on Bike 52+ rpm on Bike or 1:50 /500m 2:05 /500m Tuesday A) E2mom x 6, 0:30 strict pull ups E2mom x 6, 0:30 strictContinue Reading

Monday 25th Sept to Sunday 1st of Oct

CFEK have qualified a team for this years Strength in Depth competition. Strength in depth (SID) is a 12 man competition composed of 7 males and 5 females with 2 master athletes. The comp is held in bath at the world class Sports Village at Bath University on the weekend of Saturday 04 – Sunday 05Continue Reading

Monday 18th of September to Sunday 24th September

Monday A) 16 minutes. 1 min work 1 min rest 5 – 10 Pull ups + 15 Air Squats B)16 minutes. 1 min work 1 min rest 5 – 10 HSPU + 10 Box Jump overs   Tuesday A) Build to heavy 3 touch and go cluster B) For time: 10-8-6-4-2 cluster (60/40) 200 runContinue Reading

Monday 11th September to

Monday 4 rounds for time: 800m run 40-30-20-10 STOH Tuesday A) EMOM 6 mins 50 Double unders B) EMOM 6 mins 2 Strict pull ups + 3 Pull ups + 4 CTB C) EMOM 6 minutes 30 seconds of Pistols 2 min rest after each 6 min EMOM Wednesday A) 4 x 10 Front squatsContinue Reading

Monday 4th September to Sunday 10th September

Attention anyone attending the 6am class. It is extremely busy and we are doing our best to try and accommodate everyone. However we are still having “No shows” and late cancellations. This means people are not getting a chance to do the WOD at all or are only told at last minute they can takeContinue Reading

Barbell Club – New Cycle

Barbell Club is back! We will be starting two new cycles of barbell club next week for all abilities – one on Tuesday and one on Saturday. The Tuesday Cycle will run at 8:30-9:30pm from the 5th September until the 10th of October. The Saturday Cycle will run at 8:15-9:30am from the 9th September untilContinue Reading

Monday 28th August to Sunday 3rd of September

Hey guys you can read a little update on all the weekends events on our FB page here. Couple of announcements to make. We will now be using the Box Champ booking system so please can we make sure you are booked in for classes. Along side that you will probably have seen theContinue Reading

Tuesday 22nd August

Hey guys, Don’t worry about booking in tomorrow we are still sorting the system out. Also quick note Ali’s class will not be on this Thursday as she is away. Will be back the following week. Cheers SallyContinue Reading