Monday 12th Feb to Sunday 18th Feb


Hi guys,  there are still a few spaces for this.  This is open to all abilities and is a great opportunity to anyway looking to lift in a competition or have a bash at it.  Please speak to either Ally or Simon if you wish to take part or if you are not sure if this is for you.


We want you guys to be involved this year with the Open and make CFEK’s Open experience something to remember and something to build on every year!

To sign up click the link below. It costs $20 and make sure you select CrossFit East Kilbride as your affiliate and team.

Look forward to seeing you in the Open!




Dumbbell snatch 22.5/15

Sit up

Press up



Back squat 5-5-5-5-5


Tabata kettle bell swing (american)

Tabata wall ball

Tabata air squat (to med ball)



Strict pull ups 4 x 10

Ring dips 4 x 10


10 min amrap

EMOM 12 minutes

Odd: 15 Burpees


30 double unders




2 min ski

2 min row

2 min bike

2 min rest



3 minute Window

21 Box Jump over

15 Wall Balls

Max Thrusters at 60kg / 40kg

Rest 3 mins

x 5rounds

Saturday Sweat

1000m Row

200 Double unders

50 Burpees

30 Clean and Jerks 60kg / 40kg

Saturday Strength

A) Clean 5-5-5-5-5


Clean Pulls

5 x 3


Monday 5th of February to Sunday 11th of February

The Open This is a worldwide competition ran by CrossFit HQ lasting 5 weeks, starting on the 22nd February and finishing on the 26th March. Every Thursday night in America (normally about 2am Friday our time) throughout the course of 5 weeks, CrossFit HQ releases a workout (no, even we don’t have any idea what itContinue Reading

Monday 29th of Jan to Sunday 4th Feb

We hope everyone enjoyed the seminars this weekend! Once again it was a pleasure educating you guys and helping people better understand their nutrition. We are working on getting the handouts finished and will email them out this week. If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to email or Facebook message us.Continue Reading

Monday 22nd – Sunday 28th Jan

  Just a quick update on the nutrition seminar.  The Saturday one (focusing on health and wellbeing) will be held at hunter house @ 1:30pm and the Sunday one (focusing on performance) will be held at CFEK @ 1pm. WODs for this week….     Monday A)      10-10-10-10-tng power cleans B)      AMRAP in 3 minutesContinue Reading

Monday 15th – Sunday 21st Jan

1)      There is one space left for the Barbell club which starts on Tuesday the 16th of Jan. It will be at 8:30pm on Tuesday nights and run for 6 weeks. The course will cost £40.  Speak to a member of the coaching team if you are interested. 2)      The nutrition seminar times will beContinue Reading

Monday the 8th of Jan

Now it’s well and truly back to the grind! Please be on top of your booking in and cancellations as classes will be very busy again. Barbell club is back and will start on Tuesday the 16th of Jan. It will be at 8:30pm on Tuesday nights and run for 6 weeks. The course willContinue Reading

Wednesday 3rd of Jan to Sunday the 6th of Jan

Hey Friends! I hope you all enjoyed your festive time:) The Crossfit Open starts on Friday the 22nd of February, which will be here before we know it. The Crossfit open is our yearly chance for everyone to come in and support each other as we throw down in a more competitive environment than usual.Continue Reading

Monday 18th – Sunday 24th December

Monday 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Power Clean (42.5/30) STOH Front Squat   Tuesday 8 rounds of: 30 seconds of toes-to-bars Rest 30 seconds 30 seconds of dips Rest 30 seconds 30 seconds of heavy KB swings Rest 30 seconds 30 seconds of handstand hold Rest 30 seconds     Wednesday A) 5 x 10 back squats B) 5Continue Reading

Monday 11th – Sunday 17th December 2017

We hope everyone is enjoying the 12 WODs of Christmas!  This is another tough week, please remember exercising and partying don’t often go well together and these are some brutal workouts so if your body is telling you to rest then please do.  It is also really cold this week so please make sure youContinue Reading

Monday 4th -Sunday 10th December

Hope you all enjoyed the Christmas night out, it was one of the best to date (can you believe that was the 5th one we have had!). Monday’s workout is one of my favourites and is a great way to sweat out all the alcohol – so make sure you get your butt in! WednesdayContinue Reading